Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dance Studio or Wedding Reception Hall

Conservatory Display Kit by Real Good Toys was on back order and it arrived yesterday, so I just could not resist posting it. I bought it during Ernie's birthday special, so I got a great discount. I bought this kit with my ballerinas post in mind because I thought it would be small and quick to build and nice enough for me to leave it alone, well... you know how that goes. I am thinking about doing a little kit bashing (not much) but I am undecided about a couple of my ideas.

Let me know your thoughts????????

Idea #1 Dance Studio Only.
Like I stated earlier, I thought it might be a nice "quick" (notice how the quotation marks are my disclaimer) build studio for my ballerinas I bought from Hobby Lobby.

Idea #2 Combine Dance Studio with Wedding Reception Hall. 
My anniversary was last month and it had me reminiscing about our wedding reception which was at a large hall in a botanic garden similar to the conservatory. I already have a wedding couple, wedding cake, columns, etc. everything to do a wedding scene one day. So though if I do it right I could use the dance studio for both and do a formal garden landscape around it. It would be just a matter of switching out furniture and accessories inside.

Idea #3 Combine Dance Studio with Dance Hall. 
I though about combining the dance studio with a performance space. The studio would be in the back of the building which is the conservatory and the front would be a small theater were the dancers would perform during the recitals. I would make a stage with an area for seating.  

Idea # 3 Part B:
My question is would this work better has a scratch build rather than trying to use the kit. Making the building similar to the bakery/coffee shop but with a marquee added; a two story building with the dance studio on the second floor and the first floor the dance hall? I am thinking just the middle section. 


  1. A theatre would make a cool mini. Think of all the details you could include.

  2. I've never come across a miniature Dance studio! I'm always interested in more original mini projects!