Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Street Lamp Post Made Using Battery Operated Floral LED Lights

I was walking through the floral section and saw these lights and thought how cool it would be to use these as exterior lights. These lights are very bright and have a slight blue hue to them. The picture above shows them in a dark room. You twist the top to turn them on and off they are $6.99 for a pack of four.
I started with "Woodsies" dowels, acorn dowel cap, doll pin stand, tire and submersible battery LED lights by Ashland from Michaels craft store.

 I glued all of the pieces together and made a tall (19.5 inches) and a medium (13 inches) size lamp, I was not sure about the size I wanted. I used two different designs on the lamp base, the medium post didn't seem like it needed the extra bulk at the bottom. I added a wooden square to the bottom of the base for stability. The first post is before the second dowel was added and I finished it off with a furniture button another "Woodsies" .

I added a furniture button to finish the open end of the dowel. 
I cut off the clip
I unscrewed the bottom half of the light, which holds the battery from the top. I glued the top (grey/silver plastic) to the post and masked off the thread part so paint would not get on it and not allow it to screw back together. I used hammered metal black spray paint, because thats what I had on hand.

If you want a free standing lamp post, on the taller lamp I would use metal washers at the bottom to give it more weight, otherwise it would be too top heavy. I plan to glue mine to the sidewalk outside my bakery, hopefully it will be enough to hold it up without the weighted bottom. If not I will add the washers.


  1. Hi!

    I loved your dollhouse. it looks lovely! What's the scale of it?
    I'm shooting an animation, and I couldn't find any street lamps that could fit my scale. Would you be interested in selling me these beautiful ones you made?


  2. Thank you. My dollhouse is 1:12 meaning 12in. is equal to 1ft. I would; is this stop motion?

  3. Yes. I'm actually working in 1:6 scale, but maybe the tallest one could work. How tall is each one of the street lamps you have? If you prefer, I can send you my e-mail address, so we can talk.


  4. Ops, sorry. I just saw their sizes. :)

  5. this is a great idea thanks for sharing it :)

  6. This is fantastic! I so want to try making one. How do you get the light to work?

  7. The light turns on and off by twisting the bottom (the glass of the light) a half turn.

  8. Thank you for replying. I am unable to find these types of lights in Australia....with the turn at the light part. Would you be willing to post a pack to Australia? I can pay via paypal for your security.

  9. Wow! I love those lights. Now you have me rethinking the ones I have (they dont light up). LOL

  10. I've been looking for temp lighting for my slot car track. This seems perfect. I need something stable without glueing to surface. Any advice on building the poles and base?

    1. I would weight the base with washers from hardware store to make them more stable.