Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Midtown Bungalow Dollhouse Exterior Lighting

I was trying to completely finish the exterior before showing these pictures but I did a lot of work over fall break and decided to show more of my progress. Here is the original link to the first post of the Bungalow Dollhouse when I started. After that post it was knocked over and sat in pieces in a corner until now, everything you see now was done this past week. I did finish the interior lighting, stained all wood floors, cut all and installed some wallpaper, Aleene's Tacky spray is my new dollhouse favorite! I don't know why I didn't think to use it before, I had it all the time. I could have finished but I got tired and had to stop. The interior and finished exterior photos will come later. UPDATE: HEY I FINISHED THE EXTERIOR HERE IS THE LINK

On another note "the boot" came off Friday after a long 6 weeks of healing (just stretches everyday, no more cute shoes for life apparently) and now I have "mild" arthritis in my knee on the same leg (Bi-Flex) and my dad fixed the lights in the townhouse (wires too close together) so they are back working.
"Hey come on up and take a look"
 (I just love that tricycle ornament)

Still missing trim, window glass, roof unfinished
Blue sky  porch ceiling to fool the "bugs"
I added the wood on top and bottom of the railing
(I borrowed the ferns from the townhouse balcony)
I already had the porch furniture
another ornament
glass to the front door on the bench
(leg lamp ornament)

Midtown Bungalow Dollhouse Techniques

What started off with me cleaning up my craft room for fall break, turned into working on my bungalow. Its modeled after homes I've seen in the historic district in the midtown area. I tried to go for a semi-craftsman/70's style, after I found the Hallmark ornaments I just knew I had to use them in this house.

I hated the dead space in the bathroom so I decided to just hid it.
I bought the bathroom as a set but I made the shower surrounding the tub and the back wall out of foam board, wood, vinyl tile sheets spray painted, chair molding and the bottom half of a porch rail painted silver, plastic packaging.

originally this was suppose to be a closet

I am not that crazy about the shower head 
The shower "knob" is a part of a snap and a brad

I covered the fire place with tile patterned scrapbook paper.

I covered the ceiling with molding I bought from miniatures.com. I precut and stained before gluing to the ceiling with the house turned upside down.

 I used these wooden dollies on the kitchen ceiling.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Update: Light for the Leg Lamp

I bought these lights to use in a landscape as solar power lights but I never finished the project. They are very bright. The idea came to me to use these with this lamp. The area on top of the lamp is flexible rubber to grip the light.

Christmas Ornaments make Great Mini's

Well it all started with my friend Tanya's post about the wonderful ornaments she fold online and Hobby Lobby. She shared a link with me on ebay for the tricycle, so it has not arrived yet. I decided to see if there was a Hallmark store near my house and there was so I drove there to have a look. I saw the tricycle and these: the sandbox, leg lamp and the Brandy Bunch TV. The the lamp is made to light with a tree light inserted but I have an idea to make it work with a battery light. The TV works, (click the link to watch) with lights and the original theme song and it came with three batteries needed to make it operate.  I added some more ballerinas so I guess my dance studio project is back on board. I have everything to build, just need to find the time! I just could not resist this set from my new favorite store on esty, CuteinMiniature.