Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Friday, September 20, 2013

Weathered Effects on the Townhouse Facade

 front with the sandstone paint before the final acrylic color

Started painting the bricks too

I painted the exterior walls of the townhouse with the textured paint that I used on the hat shop as a base coat.  I glued the fleur-de-lis wooden appliqué in place and painted over it with the sandstone texture paint. I then painted the facade of the townhouse's exterior Peaches and Cream color in acrylic paint. From a design standpoint, I am having trouble seeing how to incorporate "real windows" into the interior with the best furniture placement. The townhouse is like a row house with buildings on both sides. I hated feeling like the best part of the exterior is the front opening with nothing else externally of interest, so I plan to add faux windows (closed shutters) to the back of the house.

Monday, September 16, 2013

New Books for Townhouse Inspiration

I have different ideas of what I want to do to the interior versus the ones shown in my two books on New Orleans. I am struggling now to stay true to the style. I recently saw this video on Creating Dollhouse Miniatures Blog   Piper Tuner's Video/French Miniature House Part 1  and feel in love with the house and then I went to the author's blog and was inspired to purchase the book for myself. I went to Amazon's site to buy it and found the second book on Edwardian Furniture, a good book as well. It is the best book that I have ever bought but can hardly read, its in French. It is beautifully laid out and I would buy it just for the pictures. The book shows you how to build the house and furniture from scratch and very inexpensively! Great buy if you like the shabby chic look. I took 2 years of French but more is needed to fully enjoy the book. Where is the App for that! But I am determined to figure it out. The interior in the French book looks a lot like the pictures from the New Orleans books. So I am hoping I might discover a compromise I can live with and enjoy creating. I am planning a trip to New Orleans next month. Decision: Do what I want or follow the books

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Skateboarder Caught in the Act: New Resin Dolls

I paid a visit to Hobby Lobby thanks to my friend Tanya's post in our mini online group, ty-nee stuff. They now carry a few resin dolls and they happened to be ones on my wish list and there is sale on miniature furniture and accessories. While there I always visit the Xmas ornament section (were I purchased the ballerinas), they had a 50% off sale. I happened to see this little skateboarder and knew actually where he should go. I used wire cutters to snap the springs and removed the extra wire and the eye hook from the top of his head. I was pleasantly surprised that he could stand by himself with one foot on the skateboard. I also picked up the little girl, baby and Grandma June, I have a future home in mind for them. I just need to purchase Grandpa now, who was not available in the store.

Carson thought it would be fun to tryout his new skateboard
then suddenly...

Carson was frozen in action

Officer Bill was not happy

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Creole Townhouse: Shutters and Railings

I made these 1st  floor shutters from skinny sticks and wood (S hooks are temporary)

I made more hanging baskets from Champagne tops

I cut the handrails to the length of the rails and glued them inside the channels

I added a second pair of shuttters to the bottom to allow the shutters to match the height of the doors

spray painted the railings black

I love the rich black coverage and the fumes are very low

spray paint base coat

 I then cut porch posts to size and spray painted them black along with the plastic railings to create a unified wrought iron look. I ordered two sets of large louvered shatters to add to the windows. I had to cut the second set down to make them match the height of the doors. I made more of the Champagne flower baskets and spray painted them black. I bought some artificial ferns from Hobby Lobby to use in the baskets later. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Real" Work on the Creole Townhouse Facade Begins

I made a few small structural changes and added a few new parts. I asked a friend of my husband's, who is a master carpenter, to help me cut the MDF because my "mini wood shop" was not setup at the time. I had some design issues that I think I have worked out now, thanks to the hat shop dollhouse and I have overcome most of my fear of the power tools my husband bought me last year, so I think am "clear for take off".

I started by gluing all the walls (1st/2nd and basement) together to create one unit as a front opening wall. I glued the balcony floors and the ground level sidewalk base to this combined unit while it was flat.

I then cut porch posts to size and adjusted them along the balcony with the plastic railings. I bought some jewelry filigree and wrought iron look basket hangers to use on the posts over the balcony. I bought pairs of large louvered shatters to add to the doors. I am thinking about adding a second set to extend the shutters to the floor. I am going to set the balcony railings inside "upside down" handrails to give them more stability, but I didn't have enough on hand so this will have to wait until my order arrives. I am going to paint everything a flat black to create a unified wrought iron look.

I'm considering using tall windows on the back wall of the townhouse. My husband says the house needs some added dimension because it looks too boxy compared to the other houses I have built. I'm thinking of using windows from a conservatory kit I have to the back wall of the house to make it look less like a typical front opening dollhouse. If I do, then I am also going to cut an opening in the lower right basement room to provide a view to a small courtyard for the rear of the dollhouse that I will be adding later. So this is the facade minus the fourth floor with its dormer windows and roof. I am not feeling well, so I promised my husband I would rest and a make an appointment this week and GET OFF THE COMPUTER! (him yelling, lol)