Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Saturday, April 20, 2013

One Modern Dollhouse made from Contemporary Ranch and MiniTown Loft Dollhouse Kits

I bought the Contemporary Ranch Dollhouse a year ago. Looking at a recent video on youtube made me start thinking about it again. 1:12 Scale Contemporary Dollhouse I love how she used the space and left the small loft off. I had considered at the time that the Ranch was too small to really do anything with and I had plans to rework it with some new additions but I got stuck. When the MiniTown Loft dollhouse came out I thought about how the two could be combined because of similarities in design with little work. So when I started planning the Creole Dollhouse's Outbuilding, (of which I am still undecided) the MiniTown Loft Dollhouse came to mind again with a few modifications. So I ordered the kit. I dry built the MiniTown Loft Dollhouse and decided to dry build the Ranch Dollhouse to see if my earlier idea would work. All I did was to place them side by side(Loft is on the left and the Ranch is on the right), I need to add about three small walls to close up the gaps between the two buildings and figure out which walls need to be removable. What do you think?

I thinking of making this side the front of the house
The "black" wall is a piece of mat board
This is the view from the Ranch Dollhouse into the MiniTown Loft
This is the bedroom of the Ranch Dollhouse with mat board wall from the inside  
This is the view into the the Ranch from the MiniTown Loft
I am thinking of using this area as the kitchen
I would need to trim the sides of this roof to center it, I am considering using this as the rear of the house with patio