Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Midtown Bungalow's Back Wall

I love the outside of this house and looking through the windows. This is the only open back house that I own besides my childhood dollhouse. I love the front of this house so much and I feel the open back takes away from the realism for me. 

view from the back of the house
I created a foam board mock-up. I traced the outside of the back of the house and placed the doors where I wanted them and traced their outlines and cut everything out with a X-acto knife. I scored the top to fold over the roof. The entire back of the house will be covered from the back wall to the roof. I plan to decorate the inner walls to match the rest of the house and fix the interior doors so they don't open.

living room
She seemed please with the changes 

doors to the back stairs and backyard
view through the back door

view with real sunlight

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

99% Finished Midtown Bungalow Exterior


I had the past two days off due to bad weather and worked on the Mid-town Bungalow's exterior. I added some trim and left some off from the original kit. I added windows, door knobs, eave rafters, brackets. I still need to finish drawing my shingle outlines and minor touch-ups. I noticed that I missed trimming a small area over the porch, I took pictures while the glue and paint were still drying as usual. I am switching out the wiring to the transformer on it and I saw two craftsman style lamps at miniatures.com I want to add, so work continues inside. I also plan to add a detachable back wall so when you look inside it looks enclosed like a real house.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jelly Containers, Airbrushes, and Playmobil

This is a post about some fabulous finds of inspiration for me.
The first are these tin jelly containers I picked up during breakfast at Cracker Barrel Restaurant. You could leave them as is or paint them white with glossy spray paint to look ceramic.

The second item is an airbrush, which was a Christmas gift. I used to own one many years ago but I never though about using one to paint miniatures. DUH!!! You do need an air compressor and you can use thinned acrylic paints. 

The third is all about my new love-Playmobil! I wanted a "dollhouse like" building that was gender neutral and kid friendly for our smaller guests to play. I bought a school and playground set, which could be used in a miniature scene. 

I later found this ferris wheel, that I  love so much that I bought the swing and spaceship rides too. They all light up and I bought the electric motor so they could run without me having to turn the crank.