Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Friday, June 30, 2017

Mini Tribute to Mary Poppins

my birds fell over, not dead

 I love Mary Poppins! When I bought the Mary Poppins Doll, I immediately designed a room for her in the Painted Lady Dollhouse. Just like in the movie, I gave it the address "17 Cherry Tree Lane". I imagine this is where the wind blew her after she left Jane and Michael Banks. 

But it wasn't until I discovered the perfect "Bert" chimney sweep doll, that I was inspired to make the mini display of my favorite characters and scenes from the original movie. I thought that the wall outside the park would be a great backdrop for the dolls and scenes.
I love how his mouth is open like he is singing
I commissioned the same artist that made the "Chimney Sweep" doll, to make a "Bird Woman Doll". I purchased the pigeons on eBay.
The park bench and basket, I already had and I made the bags for the scene, Feed The Birds.

I made the "kites" from scrapbook paper, cloth covered floral wire and mini dowels, to represent the scene, Let's Go Fly A Kite.
The "chalk drawings", I drew with colored pencils to simulate the drawings on the pavement in that part of the movie.
The "landscape", I created using trees I purchased on sale from Michaels and a grass mat from HobbyLobby.

The "fenced wall", I used scraps of MDF, wood rectangles, doll bases and large finial caps. I had not planned to use the wall in front of the house and had made only half a wall to display on a small table but when I placed it there to dry, I liked how it looked in front of the house and create the extended wall.

I made a frame from wood strips to hold the plastic fence in place in the wall. Then I used black hammer texture spray paint on the fence and Venetian Gold metallic acrylic paint as accent. I sprayed the wall with a grey primer and stone texture spray paints.
scrap pieces for the base
rectangle, doll base, finial cap for the top
3 pieces: wall, pillar, sidewalk
rear view
side view
frame glued to fence
dry fit without glue
 black hammer texture spray paint and gold metallic acrylic