Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Orleans Townhouse Forgotten Interior Shots

I decided to show pictures of the interior, they were originally suppose to go with the pictures of the bathroom. I thought that I would finish the house soon (haha).

I used mat board to cover my walls to hid the wires of the lights, something I had never done before. I bought a precut assortment pack from Hobby Lobby under $10. I think I even used the 40% off coupon and it was enough to do the whole house with some left over. The mat board walls are not secured to the real walls because I think I want to change two lights out and I dislike the look of two rooms, so the stairs, floors, trims and arch in the stair way are not yet attached. The living room and dining rooms are my least favorite rooms. I like the furniture pieces themselves but not the overall look. I feel like I am not showing the furniture in the best way, maybe too much stuff, rugs, wrong wall colors, too plain??? I have fallen out of love, ugh!
I plan to change the ceiling light 

3D Ceiling sticker needs to be centered

This room is lacking appeal to me

I found this cool Christmas ornament at Tuesday Morning Store $3, I didn't even know if it worked. I love how it changes color.  I added a link below to show a video in action.