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Outside View
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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

I Bought a Cricut Maker for Minis and More!

I thought it was just for making t-shirts and personalizing cups. I didn't really see enough creative benefits for me personally to purchase one. So this post is for other people who might be like me, trying to decide if it is worth it.

This time at home has allowed me the opportunity to watch a lot of YouTube videos. I discovered miniaturists using the Cricut Maker to create furniture and dioramas, I saw a lot of other crafts materials I never knew I could cut with it too. 

The final push, it went on sale...SOLD! I was able to buy extra tools and mats also on sale from Cricut and from Amazon. I see a lot of cost and time-saving value for elementary teachers and art teachers who make and cut multiple items for student projects, letters and other items for bulletin boards. I plan to design my own projects using Adobe Illustrator.

After opening the box, you realize there is not much there to help you in terms of a guide for projects. There is free software, Design Space needed to operate it which is cloud-based, you can also download the application and projects to use offline if you have an iOS device. It does come with a free 30 day trial membership for patterns, I choose not to pay for Circut Access membership plan for projects at this time until I get more experience to see if it is worth it to me. Free patterns are available, you can buy them individually or you can design your own using acceptable file formats.

This is my favorite Cricut Maker website, https://jennifermaker.com it is great especially for a beginner like me, she has great free patterns to download if you join her site, she even has a Cricut Coach Playbook and videos, that I have found to be extremely useful.  I would have been lost without her site. I am waiting my other mats to arrive by mail to cut other types of material.

I am so excited to see what all I can do!!