Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pet Parrot "Blue J"

While taking pictures in Kendall's room I realized I have never shown a picture of "Blue J". I went to my first miniature show last year, the Atlanta Miniature Show. It was my favorite purchase. He lives in Kendall's room right now because she had space for him, so I can enjoy seeing him when I visit.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Easy Diamond Pattern Leaded Glass Windows Using Wireform

I started to clean out my storage bin and came across this and decided to share.
You can cut this with scissors but wear gloves because the edges are sharp and protective eyewear.
You can glue these in place or cut slightly oversized and
bend metal edges to hold in place by pushing against the frame.

WireForm comes in silver, black and cooper.

I liked the cooper. I hope it will age with a patina.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mini Photograph Frames And Mirrors

When Hobby Lobby had 50% off on miniatures, I bought a lot of picture frames. I also started collecting real life small frames that would work in miniature. These are made from resin and cost a dollar. When I created the update the post on the fashion photo frame from the photo corners today, I started on some of these other frames.
this is a picture of my great-grandmother in a real life frame
my wedding and engagement pictures in a hobby lobby frames

my grandfather put this picture of he and my grandmother in this old watch
 and it was in my dollhouse when I was a little girl
Another hobby lobby frame with a "family" picture
I created with the dolls who live in my dollhouse using Pixelmator
more hobby lobby frames

I love this table.
I used this frame to create a mirror 

new battery operated floor lamp

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Picture Frames Made From Metal Photo Corners

I found these on clearance and they reminded me of the fashion photo frames. I am going to scan some family photos and insert them into the "frames"and glue it all together.

front view
the back has 2 tabs
cut the inner tab off
dry fit to frame
glued photo to scrap cardboard for backing

downstairs entry

Jada's room

finally in Kendall's room

Monday, April 16, 2012

My New Corner Shop

I had become discouraged with my bakery because of some construction problems. During one of my earlier "fits" I saw a store I loved which was the building I had in mind when I designed my bakery. It is sold by the Dolls House Emporium called the Corner Shop. It has everything I wanted except the sidewalk, which I can add. These pictures were taken from the website. Unfortunately, there are no interior shots on the website. It was on back order until April. It came yesterday and it will be my summer project, after I finish the church and bakery.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Street Lamp Post Made Using Battery Operated Floral LED Lights

I was walking through the floral section and saw these lights and thought how cool it would be to use these as exterior lights. These lights are very bright and have a slight blue hue to them. The picture above shows them in a dark room. You twist the top to turn them on and off they are $6.99 for a pack of four.
I started with "Woodsies" dowels, acorn dowel cap, doll pin stand, tire and submersible battery LED lights by Ashland from Michaels craft store.

 I glued all of the pieces together and made a tall (19.5 inches) and a medium (13 inches) size lamp, I was not sure about the size I wanted. I used two different designs on the lamp base, the medium post didn't seem like it needed the extra bulk at the bottom. I added a wooden square to the bottom of the base for stability. The first post is before the second dowel was added and I finished it off with a furniture button another "Woodsies" .

I added a furniture button to finish the open end of the dowel. 
I cut off the clip
I unscrewed the bottom half of the light, which holds the battery from the top. I glued the top (grey/silver plastic) to the post and masked off the thread part so paint would not get on it and not allow it to screw back together. I used hammered metal black spray paint, because thats what I had on hand.

If you want a free standing lamp post, on the taller lamp I would use metal washers at the bottom to give it more weight, otherwise it would be too top heavy. I plan to glue mine to the sidewalk outside my bakery, hopefully it will be enough to hold it up without the weighted bottom. If not I will add the washers.