Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Baby Bed made from Scratch

I made a little bed for one of my dolls. It's unpainted. I am working on the Victorian Farmhouse and I'm creating a small nursery. I used wooden ovals, porch and channel railings, small button caps, porch trim, dowels and craft wood. I later had to cut the legs off because it was too tall for my "mom" doll to reach over the top. I added wooden letters for his initials. I am wanting until I decided on my color scheme before I paint or stain it. Happy Easter!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Dance Studio Dollhouse

I bought this dollhouse in a bargain discount store. I could tell it originally came from Hobby Lobby. I could see there may be some damage. It looked like a few boxes may have gotten wet. I was willing to take a chance for the price.

The Allison Jr. Dollhouse. There is a flaw with the second floor having a slight bow from water damage, this box was on the bottom and had gotten wet. It was stuck to another box, thankfully this was the only issue.

My niece takes dance lessons and this was my inspiration behind the dance studio. I've had these little ballerinas for a while and even bought a few more recently. The wooded signs along with the ballerinas are Christmas ornaments, the rest are stickers. I made the dance class signs from mini chalkboards and stickers.

The color scheme and name came from the "Twinkle Toe"ornament sign. I was going for a "flipped" victorian with a modern color scheme and materials. I left out some of the more ornate details to give the house a sleeker look. I wanted to make the trim resemble tiaras and tuxedos.

The dance instructor doll in black, I had commissioned.

I made the barres and dressing room tables and stools. I made the reception desk from an acrylic box. I wanted to try something different with the stairs, so I made the railing and spray painted it with wrought iron textured paint. I removed interior walls to allow more space for my dancers. This was one of the easier dollhouses, I have done and I really enjoyed working on it.  I hope to start selling my dollhouses.