Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Saturday, July 13, 2019

"Sunflower House" aka Victoria's Farmhouse

My design influence came from my two favorite houses created by Robin Carey, "The Glenview Drive Blue Victorian Dollhouse" and The Darling House. I combined everything I liked about them and some ideas of my own. On the first, I love the color scheme, the yellow of the sunflowers and all the trim on the second.

I found this color guide with all the right colors plus a picture of a sunflower. I knew it was on the right track!

The major changes I did to the kit were to add a screen porch and change the rails, rearrange the location of the walls and doors. I left off the shutters and false eaves on the dormer because I wanted  the trim to be the focus against the clean lines of the house. I showed a little distress on painting the porch, trim and weathering the roof.

 I used yellow as an accent color in the outdoor furniture.

I incorporated the sunflowers in the windows and doors. I took pictures from the internet and used Photoshop to create the look of stain glass. I then printed decals and placed them on the doors and windows.

Windows and doors are not permanently attached to make it easy to paper the walls

I lost the original hinges, so I replaced them with these from Hobby Lobby on the access door. I think they support the door better.


  1. I love Victoria's Farmhouse, and yours is so pretty and bright. I can't wait to see inside.

  2. so very pretty. Loved the slight bits of aging here and there makes houses look lived in. Sunflower decals are charming. Looking forward to the inside. marilyn

  3. You did such a beautiful job cohesively combining your favorite Robin Carey elements into one impressive project! I love the screened porch with it's vibrant yellow furnishings, and the silkscreened sunflower windows are such a wonderful detail! It is such a happy house!
    I am hoping you are going to share your plans as they unfold on the interior rooms, as well! Great work!

  4. your house is beautiful, I like the way you think outside of the box turning lemons into lemonade. Great job!!

  5. Amazing work on your dollhouse. I got a Victoria for Christmas..& can't wait to build it. Thank you for sharing the awesome ideas.