Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Monday, March 19, 2012

Round Window with Filigree Iron Work

I really wanted to capture these windows from the inspiration building in the dollhouse but it was a real challenge to figure out how to do it. I felt like three windows would be too much, so I did one large window on the front and one on the back. This is what I came up with. I used two round windows from miniatures.com and a pair of large earrings.

earrings I cut the part off that goes into the ear

exterior window trim with the back of the earring facing forward 

spray painted both sides of the earring and the back of the window
Interior view with trim made from a picture frame

here is how it looks in place on the bricked wall 

Brick Exterior Using Sanded Grout and Bromley Stencils

I used the Tudor brick stencils on the Mounfield but to make covering the bakery easier, I ordered the extra large stretcher bond brick stencil. I used sanded grout because they are reformulating the brick compound designed to be used with the stencil. I used sanded grout close to the color of the bricks I wanted, you just add water to mix. I painted the MDF walls with latex paint in white the color I wanted the grout to be. The artist palette knife that I used was too small for the extra large stencil, next time I will use a cake spatula to get more uniformity in the thickness of the bricks. My building is old and the bricks are not uniform anyway on the inspiration picture, so it actually helps with the aged appearance. I will enhance the bricks with acrylic paint and trim.

I mixed the grout with water to the consistency of cake frosting

use this end when you need to overlap it helps to make it seamless

overlap the last section

I put the windows and trim on to see how they look against the bricks

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scratch Built Bar Stools

I was looking through my stash of wood and started playing around making stools to go with my bar. I love the two ready made ones I show in the earlier picture with the bar but only one of my dolls can sit in them because the seats are really narrow. To make the bar stool I used a checker (base), spindle and finial cap (post) and a tread tire (seat). I glued all of the pieces together except the tire because I thinking about covering it with vinyl to look like leather. Well, there you go my version of a bar stool. I still have to finish it with paint, etc. but this is the general idea, the footrest is going to be attached to the bar later.

Last Call for Alcohol-Stocking the Bar

My alcohol has arrived for the bar. Now I just need to decide on a finish for the bar cabinet and counter and the mirror!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Scratch Build Dollhouse Restaurant/Diner Tables

I am still trying to decided on the interior for the bakery. While looking through photos of interiors, I really liked these small tables. So I decided to make my own scratch rectangular version. 

Shaved some wood off so the dowels would fit into the  doll pin stands

Then I sanded the dowels

I glued a wooden square to the bottom for visual weight.

Stocking the Bar with Baby Bottle Glasses!

I bought some alcohol to go with my bar. I realized that I needed some glasses. I discovered these party favors and thought they might work for drinking glasses. I cut off the tops and cut a few in half and sanded the edges. I found that I could get three different sizes. I will use some in my Mountfield Dollhouse kitchen to fill my cabinets. I am looking forward to making food and drinks.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Final Trim Added to Bar and Cabinet

I used parts from two staircase kits from Hobby Lobby and a set of spindles. 
I used the handrails to finish the edge
I mitered the corners and glued in place
This post I cut it in half and cut off the bottom

I used the bottom from the first post at the top and the used another
whole post and cut off the bottom and reused that bottom in the corner

I used the spindles as trim on the front of the cabinet to help tie in the bar stools later.

I added more posts at the top to frame the mirror on the sides and handrails at the top and bottom.