Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Creole Townhouse: Shutters and Railings

I made these 1st  floor shutters from skinny sticks and wood (S hooks are temporary)

I made more hanging baskets from Champagne tops

I cut the handrails to the length of the rails and glued them inside the channels

I added a second pair of shuttters to the bottom to allow the shutters to match the height of the doors

spray painted the railings black

I love the rich black coverage and the fumes are very low

spray paint base coat

 I then cut porch posts to size and spray painted them black along with the plastic railings to create a unified wrought iron look. I ordered two sets of large louvered shatters to add to the windows. I had to cut the second set down to make them match the height of the doors. I made more of the Champagne flower baskets and spray painted them black. I bought some artificial ferns from Hobby Lobby to use in the baskets later. 


  1. Love the hanging baskets, you must have had a great time collecting all of them, hehe.

  2. I almost bought that kind of paint. Thanks for letting me know how you like it. Things are really coming along! My favorite part is the railing. So decorative!

  3. Hi Jocelyn
    I love this project, especially that you are turning a kit into something different. The champagne top hanging baskets are a great idea - it must have been such a bother to get through all those bottles - oh how we suffer for our art ;-)

  4. Your shutters are marvellous. I even like them with the s-hooks.

  5. Hello Jocelyn,
    The shutters are going to be wonderful. I love the ones you made and good job gluing together the ones for the doors. The railing you chose is wonderful. I cannot wait to see it in place. The hanging baskets are a great idea...another reason to drink champagne!
    Big hug,

  6. Hi Jocelyn! I love the way that you have added to the shutters and made them longer, a brilliant solution. I think that the BBQ spray paint is a great idea as well. I have used it before on ceramic tiles and the coverage was solid and effective so on the plastic railings of your Fr. Quarter house I know that you choice was the best one, this paint really sticks! Your hanging baskets, such a good idea; are they going to be painted as well?


    1. Hi Elizabeth, I love that spray paint! I just spray painted the baskets black as well, I plan to cover most of it with the ferns anyway.

  7. Hi Jocelyn
    the baskets are a wonderful Idea but what blew me away were the shutters I love how you extended them to match the doors..great work

    keep up the good work

  8. Your comments are so funny! I did not drink all those bottles! If you could see my wedding video and the face I made you would know how much I do not like champagne, LOL!! I did ask the caterer at a wedding I attended for them and she was kind enough to save them for me. I know she thought I was crazy and I did feel a little weird but it was worth it.