Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Part 2: DIY Lamps, Ceiling Lights, Mirrors and Chandeliers

 I glued on table tennis balls to make the shades and trimmed them with stickers.
 I made the frosted and fluted globe ceiling lights from ceiling fan pulls I removed the chain and enlarged the holes and placed the chip inside the hole before attaching the beads.
I used metallic and regular acrylic craft paints and vanish. I used wood craft pieces by Woodpile and Woodsies. I made other items from charms, bead caps, plastic rings, balloon sticks and a metal tubes.
I used my Dremel to cut holes in the parts before assembling them together to run the LED wires.

I had an idea to make a floor lamp. I used the plastic ring for a lamp shade. Then I glued the plastic top of the ring to the top of the lamp base.You could use just the bottom without the stick to make a shorter the lamp. I like the fact that these straws had holes already in them after all the drilling.

 I begin with the wire basket that covers up the cork of a wine/champagne bottle to make the frame of the chandeliers. I cut the bottom ring of the basket and separated the four sections and wrapped them around a dowel to give each a curve. Then I glued a wood disk to the center ring and painted it. I used the flat part of the tie tack set on the ends of the 4 sections and glued them in place with Quick Grab.
I used a combination of one mega chip and a 4 LED unit in each chandelier. I used nano unit on the gold and pico chip on the silver. I drilled a hole in the middle of the disk and threaded my LED wires and a 3inch pen head. I curled the top to make a hook and I drilled a small hole in the ceiling and screwed in  a tiny eye hook to suspend the chandelier from the ceiling. 
 I twisted the LED wire around each of the four wire pieces and made sure the chip's light was facing up on the tack. I later covered the wires with matching metallic paint to hid them.
I  used the earring globes, the perfume vial pendant and beads to create the other parts of the chandelier. At first only glued the beads and the globes together to make sure the lights would work, the wires are held in place by the beads.

Here are a few pictures of some of the lights being tested inside the Sunflower Farmhouse. 


  1. Wow all those ideas for repurposing things, brilliant. There was a lot of work and love put into these lights but worth every moment they are lovely.

  2. Wow Jocelyn! These fixtures are just amazing! I love all of the ways you cleverly utilized everyday objects and craft supplies to make them! Each one is unique and makes them eye catching in the rooms. Best of all, they do a beautiful job of providing soft yet effective lighting! Great work and thank you for sharing! This will inspire all of us to look at and think about little objects in new ways!

    I love your creativity and your ingenuity in making each of your Wonderful light fixtures Jocelyn- TAKE A BOW!

  4. I was thinking that too, you are so clever I love your light ideas :) I wish I had time to do them but things are getting pretty hectic around here.

    take care