Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Bakery Display Case and Coffee

My new display case came this week along with the coffee. These pictures are from the seller.  My foam board mock-up of the bakery is being cut out from MDF this week, so I do not have the bakery here with me but I'm told it will be ready Friday.


  1. wow did you make these bakery foods?? or it came with the display cases?? Very very real!!

    1. No, they came with the cases. I had originally planned to make the food but when I found the cases and discovered how well made the food was I decided to use them. They look even better in person!

  2. The cakes looks very yummy. And your other work is fantastic. Let me see more.
    Hugs from Craftland