Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Miniature Bike Rack

I always wanted a bike rack for the bakery/coffee shop. I found one on Miniatures Marketplace's website but I debated if I wanted to pay $14 for it and not be certain if my bikes would fit properly.
So I decided to try to make one first to see how it goes, if not I can always buy it. Initially, the idea came to me while looking at a piece of fencing I have, so I started to cut away the unwanted parts. Then I needed to figure out a way that it could stand on its own. I searched through my wood stash and found this porch/stair rail and trimmed off the top edge to allow it to stand flat. As I was doing this, it dawned on me to just use two pieces of railing and a wooden dowel. I used the bikes to figure out the height and the spacing between the dowel railings and made the cuts. I turned the porch rails on their sides and inserted the glue dipped dowels in between the top and bottom rails. I spaced them out and let it dry. I used wood glue, my favorite, because it sets up fast and allowed me to turn the bike rack upright in a short time without falling apart. I took some "Aluminum" colored spray paint and covered the whole rack. I wish I had sanded the pieces before painting for a smoother finish and not spray so heavy but I was in "creative thought mode to see it finished". I think I will live with it for now.

The middle piece, I later removed to reduce the height 
I used the doll to figure out the final height
and make sure the bikes would stand on their own inside the rack
I found these little tie/fasteners at Home Depot that I though would work as mini bike locks



  1. I think it looks good, plus those things get banged up and rust out a bit at the welded seam.


  2. Hello Jocelyn,
    Excellent work! I think it looks very realistic and well made.
    Big hug,

  3. Great job. The little locks look good too. Don't you feel great that you made it yourself! IndyPoppy

  4. Thanks everyone, and yes it does feel good and my purse stays a little fuller.

  5. Making it yourself assures it is the right height etc. and you were able to add a little extra with the locks. Great idea!