Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Saturday, May 30, 2015

A New Daughter for the Family

She just arrived today! When I bought the family I couldn't afford all of them at the time, so I decided against the youngest daughter with hopes of finding a replacement one day. I asked Debbie, the owner of Debbie Dixon-Paver Dolls if she could let me know if she ever made one...and she did. So also sent me a replacement for the mother's lost hanky. She's younger but I think she looks sweeter than the original daughter.  I am thinking of naming her Charlotte, in honor of the new princess.

The original family group

New family group

I think the family will love her even more especially her big sister. I can just see her playing with her Alice in Wonderland doll in the bay window.

I picked up these little doll figures 50% off at HobbyLobby. I plan to paint them to look like china dolls.


  1. I agree. The younger dolls somehow looks sweeter! So, you are making the china dolls to decorate the house or they will look like people in the house?

  2. She is better than in the original set as she is very different to her older sister whereas in the original the two sisters are very much alike. These are lovely figures, well done you for getting them.

  3. I agree with Em! Charlotte is a much better looking doll and I love the broader age difference too! She was a perfect choice. I think that a doll family shouldn't all look like carbon copies of each other anyway. :))