Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Sunday, April 12, 2015

I Own Debbie Dixion-Paver Dolls!

OMG!!! When I tell you that a long time dream has come true (I am writing this through tear filled eyes by the way), words can not express the joy I have... its like Christmas x10! I have admired her dolls but never knew where to purchase them, then I finally found her website but they were always sold. I had given up hope of ever owning one beautiful doll of hers. I just love the expressive qualities of their faces, their skin has a warm radiating glow that reminds me of an impressionist painting and the clothing is amazing. Mary Cassatt always comes to mind when I see her mother and children together.

When they arrive they will make wonderful guests in the New Orleans Townhouse! I have decided to build them a permeant home in my bargain "Painted Lady Dollhouse". I had planned to build and sell it but I after I found a picture online of a simpler exterior, realized now what I hated about the kit. I have a few ideas of my own too now that I am inspired by my new dolls. Debbie is a wonderful person and I enjoyed our online chat. I look forward to buying more dolls in the future.
I love the ring on her finger


  1. These dolls are Beautiful Jocelyn! You must be Over the Moon to soon have them in your collection. I am looking forward to seeing their new home too! :D


    1. Thank you, I have admired her work for so long. I feel really honored to own her dolls.