Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Signs, Shelves and a Hat Box

I named my hat shop after my other grandmother, Opal Lee. My grandmother has always liked pretty things, so it is fitting that I name it in honor of her. She also gave me furniture for my first dollhouse. She is and has always been an inspiration for me.  I feel that I owe my "creative eye" to her. I did some research on the web for vintage signs and created a vintage design for the hat shop. I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create the sign and used an aged paper texture and dust filters to give it an old look, afterwards printed it out on antique parchment paper for laser printers.  Along with the sign, I made display shelves to go over the windows. My mom gave me a pair of earrings that look like little mirrors that I glued to the walls. I originally intended to make a hat box for every hat but soon realized that the boxes needed to be large to accommodate the hats. A box for every hat would need a lot of storage space, so I just made one. I added a copy of Degas' painting, "The Millinery Shop", I felt it was appropriate for the occasion!

This is a copy of the sign without the aged look and shelves

Here is the same sign with the aged look

This is the front with the new sign above the door

I cut out the original picture and added this picture from the Internet

This is the picture inside the shop

This is a pair of earrings my mom gave me for the shop

I used the hat to find the correct size of the box

I used the scissors to curl the paper

I cut a stripe for the side of the box and added trim

You can see how large the box is

This is a view inside the box so you can see it was a snug fit for the hat

This is a view of the shelf over the window

I reduced a picture of a vintage open and close sign and stuck it in the door


  1. Hi Jocelyn! What a nice tribute to your Grandmother Opal Lee to have such a lovely shop named for her. Your mother's contribution of the little hanging mirror earrings is perfect and so this has become a generational project by the way it has gone. Your skills in making the sign-age from the computer really impresses me! I read of others being able to do things like this but it is all greek to me! I turn the system on and then I turn it off and that is about the extent of my computer knowledge, hahah But it doesn't prevent me from admiring those who pocess the skills in this area that I don't. When I see what you can do and have done then I begin to think that maybe this is something that I can learn. It sure makes pretty looking signs! Good job!


  2. Hello Jocelyn,
    I do not know where to begin. the sing is wonderful and the name is lovely for the shop. The exterior is fantastic and the interior equally beautiful. The wallpaper you chose is just perfect...feminine, elegant...I love it. Great idea to use the earrings as mirrors is a great idea and the hat boxes are great. Bravo!
    Big hug,

  3. Love your Grandma's name. Opal Lee is so pretty - perfect for this shop! The details are wonderful!

  4. The word sweet comes to mind when I look at your store. The earrings are absolutely perfect! I would have never thought to use that wallpaper which I love. I like the idea of the paper on the bottom of the shelving. Everything if so nice, the hatbox, the picture. And, how sweet is it that you named it after your grandmother!

  5. I love how this shop just came together, from the copper roof down to the aged signs it's really awesome but what impressed me the most is how well lit everything is..you can see everything.

    I like this alot

  6. The exterior of the shop is wonderful. I really like that you named it after your family member. It's a real personal touch. The view from the outside in with the lights on is magnificent. Thanks for sharing your wonderful project. IndyPoppy

  7. The structure of the shop is fabulous and elegant.
    I like the interior, very refined.
    Greetings, Faby

  8. I am a new follower and find so much to smile about looking at your stuff. You do such a beautfiul job. And the new place named after your grandma is gorgeous. What a gift you have. thanks for sharing!

  9. I want to thank all of my followers for your comments and words since the beginning of this blog. I love to share and encourage others. I plan to show my grandmother the house this week and I will keep you posted.

  10. Your Grandmother's name is beautiful. It is a tribute to her you named your shop after her.
    The shop is outside as well as the inside fantastic. I really love to see your hats, they are elegant and delicate. The ear rings are great mirrors, what a lovely gift of your Mom!
    Hugs, Ilona

  11. Una maravilla, me encanta, los sombreros me parecen preciosos, gran trabajo.
    Un abrazo.

  12. Dear Jocelyn,
    Your shop is exquisite, so wonderful that it is a tribute to your
    Grandmother. Anyone can display miniatures-but your work has
    heart and soul. Thank you for sharing it.