Outside View

Outside View
The Exterior View of New Orleans Townhouse

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Foundation Furniture Pieces

Master Bedroom 
Master Bedroom
My major obstacle is trying to base the period of this house with the dress of the family in the Creole Townhouse. I saw the disney movies, "Pollyanna" and "The Music Man" and I feel that my family's attire closely matches the time between 1913-1915  America depicted in the movies. 
My doll's were described as "turn of the century New Orleans" from the seller and all of "my" research shows there was big development between the years of 1900-1920 in fashion and innovation. It is hard for me to identify what was British from American, or the clothes don't match the appliances or its not what I have in mind.

I think mine is older due to the fact you heated water in the compartment with faucet.
I did catch a glimpse of the kitchen in "The Music Man" and it contained the ugly all black wood stove with the pipe, that I don't like. I prefer the look of this one over the roper range but I don't even know if it is appropriate in time or wood, coal or gas. I can change my mind on this later and go with the roper because my stove was less expensive.
Hobby Builders

The few bathroom pictures I have seen from this time period are boring. However, I like the 1920's bathroom decor Hobby Builder's used on one of its covers and I even have the chair already. But I don't really like the bath set. The decor looks really rich and antique and the bath tub, toilet and the shower look inexpensive and more like a modern update in this setting in "my opinion". I LOVE the set I bought even though it is mahogany, which is my least favorite wood in miniature. I don't know if my set fits the time period and it looks like a fancier version of the Hobby Builder's set and British to me. This mahogany set will be more difficult for me to change because of the cost of the set and I like the set so much.

My Bath Set
I need opinions and advice?????????????????


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    Keep in mind that appliances in the home might be outdated, just like in today's homes, due to the price of these items and their longevity. So, if your appliances are a few years off, you're golden and should have some wiggle room for historical accuracy. Bathrooms and kitchens especially, are and were the most expensive to update. Clothing would be current for the time of course. Keep in mind too the idea of the Nuclear Family is relatively new, so the home would have been the family residence for years and is likely to have some older pieces around.

    You might want to dig around google images, but I believe both of those stoves are fine. I see a good spread of 1920's fashion pics when searched on Pinterest too. Of course, be sure to check out the picasa album from new england minis, scroll down to the 1920's albums: https://plus.google.com/photos/100163550773978628218/albums?banner=pwa

  3. Your bathroom set is quite beautiful and very Victorian. It actually will fit in rather well. What we all tend to forget is that most households did not modernize often. So it is realistic that a household in the period 1910 to 1920 would still have Victorian fixtures. Indeed, many houses kept these fixtures until the 1950s in some parts of the country. Also, the kitchens before 1920 probably would not have a monitor top fridge. Wouldn't they have used an ice box? I agree with you that the Art Deco bathroom is gorgeous, that would have been 1920 to the 1930s. Ironically, the sink, bath and toilet may have looked like the ones in the picture. It is funny how something's don't change much. Your house is going to be amazing and beautiful!

  4. Jocelyn, I studied history of costume and your dolls' attire can fit any scene from 1900 to 1920 (because men's fashion changes so gradually, the father's suit is okay up to about 1940).

    The black-and-white stove looks very similar to some turn-of-the-century stoves I've seen; the Roper range looks more 1920s modern to me. The transition from wood to coal to gas took place gradually and at different times in different areas of the country (some areas, especially in the western states, never did replace wood with coal), and I'm not sure when gas stoves came to New Orleans...

  5. Hello Janine,
    My manor is 1905 and I think your items are all period appropriate. i have the same bathroom and in that time frame it would have been correct, even though the fashionable people would have replaced the woiod fixtures with porcelain because of the germ craze. The wood fixtures were earlier because victorians wanted to hide them and make them look like furniture...
    I think the roper stove would of been gas and that was all the rage in that period. I think every item you have shown is right for your project.
    Big hug,

  6. I agree with A Wright, but only because I watch Rehab Addict on DIY :)